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Tree Care

Nurturing a Green Legacy

Welcome to the Tree Care section, where we celebrate the vitality of the trees we've collectively planted through the Walk for Green initiative. At Igniting Minds, our commitment extends beyond planting trees – we embrace transparency and accountability at every step of the process. Explore below to understand how we ensure the health, growth, and self-sufficiency of the trees that are transforming our planet.

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Geotagged Growth Tracking

Every tree planted through Igniting Minds is geotagged for precise location tracking. This allows us to monitor the specific environmental conditions the tree is exposed to as well as real time tracking.

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Tree Journey

Stay connected with your tree's journey as we provide regular updates on its height and width. Track your tree's species, development and CO2 sequestered as a visual representation of the positive impact your tree has on the environment

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100 Days Updates

Experience the transformative journey of your tree through status updates provided every 100 days. These comprehensive updates include growth milestones, health assessments, and vibrant images, allowing you to witness the tangible impact of your commitment to Walk for Green.

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1000-Day Care Program

Igniting Minds is committed to the long-term well-being of every tree planted. Our 1000-Day Care Program ensures continuous care and monitoring. For 1000 days, we provide regular updates on the tree's image, height, and width, creating a detailed chronicle of its growth. This program is a testament to our dedication to nurturing each tree until it becomes self-sufficien

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Environmental Impact Metrics

Delve into the environmental impact your tree is making. Our metrics showcase the amount of CO2 sequestered by each tree, contributing to the reduction of your carbon footprint. Understand the positive change you"re bringing about with every step in the Walk for Green movement.

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Real-Time Gallery

Immerse yourself in the beauty of our green initiatives through a real-time image gallery. Witness the flourishing landscapes and the profound impact your collective efforts are having on the environment. Share these images to inspire others to join our mission.

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Transparent Practices

Igniting Minds takes pride in maintaining transparency and accountability. We go beyond planting trees, ensuring their survival through continuous monitoring, watering, pruning, and other essential care practices. Our commitment is not just to the initial act of planting but to the enduring health and prosperity of each tree.

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User Tree Details

Track the details of your individual tree on the Igniting Minds app. Explore information about the tree's species, details about the individual who planted it, the date of planting, previous updates, upcoming milestones, and the specific location of your tree. No fanciful tales, just the facts.


By caring for the trees planted through Igniting Minds, you play a vital role in ensuring the longevity and vitality of our green legacy. The Walk for Green movement is not just a one-time event; it's a continuous commitment to a sustainable future. Thank you for being a steward of the environment and nurturing the seeds of positive change.

Join us in caring for the tree through the Tree Care movement, and witness the remarkable journey of your tree through the 1000-Day Care Program. Your care, our green legacy. Walk for Green with Igniting Minds!