Refund & cancellatio policyRefund & cancellatio policy

Refund and Cancellation Policy

At Igniting Minds, we strive to provide the best experience for our users. Please read our Refund and Cancellation Policy carefully:

1. Refund Policy:

At Igniting Minds, we strive to provide the best experience for our users. Please read our Refund and Cancellation Policy carefully:

This refund and cancellation policy ("Refund and Cancellation Policy") constitute a legally binding agreement (this "Agreement") between Igniting Minds Organization, a company duly incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 (herein referred to as "Igniting Minds", "Our", "We", "Us") and the User ("You", "User", "Your") with respect to Your use of Our mobile Application / Website (collectively "Platform") and Services.

  1. The Platform is a platform that facilitates
    1. online purchase of saplings/trees planted by Igniting Minds
    2. online purchase of merchandise sold by igniting minds, branded post sourcing from "Third Party Manufacturers";
    3. online medical consultancy services/ second opinion being offered by third party independent doctors ("Medical Experts");
    4. providing corporates with products under CSR activities;
    5. online advertisements of various sponsors advertising and marketing their own good and services ("Third Party Advertisers"). The Third-Party Manufacturers and the Third-Party Advertisers are collectively referred to as the "Third Party Service Providers". Further the Platform also serves as an information platform providing environmental impact, health and wellness related information to the Users accessing the Platform (The services of Third-Party Services Provider and the information services is collectively referred to as the "Services").

1. Refund Policy:

We appreciate your contribution to our initiatives, and all donations and purchases made on our platform are considered final. As our services involve donations and virtual goods, we do not offer refunds.

In the unlikely event of an error in donation processing or a technical issue, please contact our support team at or call us at 9000365000 for assistance. We will review the situation and address any genuine concerns on a case-by-case basis.

2. Cancellation Policy:

  1. Donation Cancellations: - Donations made to Igniting Minds are non-refundable. - In the event of an accidental or erroneous donation, please contact us immediately through or 9000365000, and we will make every effort to address the issue.
  2. Tree Purchase Cancellations: - Once a tree has been purchased and planted through Igniting Minds, the transaction is considered final. - In case of any concerns or errors, please reach out to our support team for assistance via or 9000365000.

3. Contact Us:

For any queries or assistance related to donations, purchases, or potential issues, please contact our support team at or call us at 9000365000. We are here to help and ensure your experience with Igniting Minds is positive and meaningful.

4. Payment Term:

  1. You understand that use of the Services may result in charges to You. We will receive and/or enable your payment of the applicable charges for Services obtained through Your use of the Services. Charges will be inclusive of applicable taxes where required by the Applicable Law.
  2. To the extent permitted by Applicable Law, You acknowledge and agree that Igniting Minds may use certain third-party vendors, service providers and payment aggregators, including payment gateways, to process payments and manage payment card information. You shall be entitled to claim a refund of the payment made by You (as Your sole and exclusive remedy) in case You do not receive the Services within the time period agreed at the time of booking the Services. In case you do not raise a refund claim using Platform features within the stipulated time than this would make You ineligible for a refund.
  3. In order to make payments online, You undertake to use a valid payment card or bank details or third party wallets or details required for any other mode of payment ("Payment Details") with the authority to use the same, to have sufficient funds or credit available to complete the payment on the Platform in good standing. By providing the Payment Details, You represent, warrant, and covenant that:
    1. You are legally authorized to provide such Payment Details;
    2. You are legally authorized to perform payments using such Payment Details; and
    3. such action does not violate the terms and conditions applicable to Your use of such Payment Details or Applicable Law. You agree that You are responsible for any fees charged by Your mobile carrier in connection with Your use of the payment services through Your mobile. You may add, delete, and edit the Payment Details You have provided from time to time through the Platform.
  4. Except to the extent otherwise required by Applicable Law, Igniting Minds is not liable for any payments authorized through the Platform using Your Payment Details. Particularly, Igniting Minds is not liable for any payments that do not complete because:
    1. Your payment card or bank account or third party wallet does not contain sufficient funds to complete the transaction or the transaction exceeds the credit limit in respect of the Payment Details provided;
    2. You have not provided Us with correct Payment Details;
    3. Your payment card has expired; or
    4. circumstances beyond the Our control (such as, but not limited to, power outages, interruptions of cellular service, or any other interference from an outside force) prevent the execution of the transaction
  5. Igniting Minds may from time to time provide certain users with promotional offers and discounts that may result in different amounts charged for the same or similar Services or products obtained through the use of the Services, and You agree that such promotional offers and discounts, unless also made available to You, shall have no bearing on Your use of the Services. You may elect to cancel Your request for Services at any time prior to the commencement of such Services, in which case you may be charged a cancellation fee. After you have received Services or products obtained through the Service, you will have the opportunity to rate your experience and leave additional feedback.

5. Policy Changes:

Igniting Minds reserves the right to modify or update this Refund and Cancellation Policy at any time. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting on the website.

Thank you for your understanding and commitment to our mission.

Last updated on: 01 January 2024