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Mission Karmayogi: India's new vision to be efficient.

In this article, we will see what the Mission Karmayogi Policy is and how this will help India to grow and take a step toward becoming a developed Nation. (Amrit Kaal)


Mission Karmayogi, which is envisioned as one of the most significant capacity-building initiatives in Government organizations anywhere in the world, will initially cover about 46 lakh government officials at the Center and will eventually aim to transform about 1.5 crore government officials across the Center, the States, and the rest of the world. The National Program for Building Civil Service Capacity is called Mission Karmayogi (NPCSCB). It is an overhaul of the Indian bureaucracy. On September 2, 2020, the Union Cabinet officially launched it. The mission's goals include enhancing governance and laying the groundwork for the capacity building of Indian civil servants.

Features of Mission Karmayogi:

A step towards better governance practices for managing human resources is Mission Karmayogi. It has the following characteristics: -Making the switch from rules-based to roles-based human resource management - It is essential to assign jobs to government employees in accordance with their qualifications. -The training is provided to the government employees on-site as a supplement to off-site learning. -Civil servants must adapt to an ecosystem of shared learning resources, institutions, and personnel in order to participate in the shared training infrastructure. -Utilizing the Framework of Roles, Activities, and Competencies (FRACs) strategy - This method will be used to calibrate every position in the civil service. The creation and delivery of all educational materials to every government agency will also be based on this strategy. -Civil servants are required to develop their behavioural, functional, and domain competencies through self-directed and required learning paths. -Creating a common ecosystem together with all of the central ministries, departments, and their organizations By requiring each employee to pay a yearly subscription fee is a way to develop an ecosystem of learning. -Public training organizations, universities, start-ups, and individual experts will be able to participate in this capacity-building measure through partnerships with learning content creators.

Why Mission Karmyogi Scheme is required?

The need for developing domain knowledge in addition to administrative skills within the bureaucracy made Mission Karmayogi necessary. To ensure that the right person is hired for the right position, it is also necessary to formalize the hiring process and match the public service with a bureaucrat's skill set.


By fostering greater creativity, productivity, imagination, innovation, proactivity, professionalism, progress, vigour, enabling, transparency, and technology-enablement, Mission Karmayogi seeks to prepare the Indian civil servant for the future.


By enhancing his creativity, constructiveness, imagination, innovation, proactivity, professionalism, progress, energy, enabling, transparency, and technological prowess, Mission Karmayogi seeks to prepare the Indian civil servant for the future. A civil servant who is equipped with the necessary role competencies can guarantee effective service delivery that meets the highest standards.

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