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Why is there a need to Stop Bullying?

B.A.D. (Bullies Are Dumb). Bullying causes unspeakable pain & hardships to youth all around the world. Here is a glimpse of what bullying actually means & the following are some ways to effectively cope with it. Let's get started :)


Ashi was a brilliant student performing well in her academic as well as non-academic disciplines. As she reached her mid-teens, suddenly she grew more insecure about herself and started losing interest in everything. As the problem started growing further, on interrogation, it was found that her friends had been bullying her about the way she looks and dresses herself. She even took weight loss pills to look better and to fit in. She even confessed to having stolen Rs 10,000 to buy the latest bags and dresses in vogue. This is how the mindsets and the lives of innumerable teenagers and youngsters get ruined due to bullying in schools and educational institutions.

**Introduction **

Bullying is defined as unwanted aggressive behaviour among school-aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance that is either repeated or a single event. The word "bully" comes from the Middle English word "bulen" which means "to beat". Bullying is a common problem in schools, with children and teenagers being the most vulnerable.

Types of Bullying

Bullying can be in the form of physical violence, social exclusion or even verbal abuse. It can happen in the real world or online. Bullying can be: -Verbal (teasing, name-calling, inappropriate sexual comments, taunting, threatening to cause harm) -Social (leaving someone out on purpose, telling others not to be friends with someone, spreading rumours, embarrassing someone in public) -Physical (hitting/kicking/pinching, spitting, tripping/pushing, taking or breaking someone’s things, making mean or rude hand gestures) -Cyberbullying (happening via the internet, text, or email)

Effects Of Bullying On The Youth

The effects of bullying on teenagers are diverse, but they all have one thing in common - they are negative. -Bullying is a big problem in schools. It has been found that it is associated with mental health issues, lower self-esteem and suicide ideation. It can also lead to long-term consequences such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. -Some students are more likely to be bullied than others, including those who are overweight, disabled or have a learning difficulty. -Bullying can affect a child’s life for years after they have left school. Other mental health problems include eating disorders and self-harm.

How to prevent yourself from being Bullied?

-Walk away: If the circumstance doesn't seem cordial, just walk away. Ignore the people who try to provoke you. -Talk To An Elder Or A Friend: If you feel psychologically disturbed or physically threatened, talk to an elder or a close friend. They help you to remain safe or stand up to the bully. -Report To The Service Providers: In case of Cyberbullying, by issuing complaints, they can take action to block the person from continuing to contact you. Also, blocking the bully will put an end to the bully’s ability to harass you online.

Key Takeaways

-Bullying is a form of youth violence and an adverse childhood experience (ACE). -Continued bullying that causes emotional or physical damage may be grounds for taking legal action. -Don’t ignore bullying. This will only allow it to progress more. If you see someone being bullied, tell a teacher or another trusted adult.


Bullying is a form of harassment that involves tormenting someone in order to elicit fear, anger, and/or sadness. The victim may be singled out because they are different from their peers in some way. A family-school collaboration which includes parent-teacher conferences, newsletters and brochures for parents, group parent meetings and training together has been found to reduce the frequency of bullying.

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