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Does Human Trafficking happen for real?

So what exactly is human trafficking? The department of justice defines human trafficking as trafficking in persons, a crime involving compelling or coercing a person to provide labour or services or to engage in commercial sex acts. Traffickers use emotional manipulation and physical threats and can even make fake job promises to deceive the victims. The tactics used by recruiters can be false promises of a good job, a better life, marriage and educational opportunities.

The significant causes of trafficking are unemployment, poverty, absence of social safety, etc. Many people getting trafficked due to prostitution, cheap and forced labour, the entertainment industry, drug trafficking, sweatshops etc. Throughout the entire trafficking process, there are mainly 4 people involved. They are the recruiter, the trafficker, the victim and the human trafficking industry.

No single profile of a victim of human trafficking is available. The victims of human trafficking can be anyone – gender, race, ethnicity, age etc., do not matter. The victims of trafficking can be men, women and also children. Studies show that victims of human trafficking can exhibit anxiety, memory loss and become numb emotionally. Many victims also develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

In India, The Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill was passed in 2018 by the ministry of Women and Child Development. Types of Human Trafficking are as follows– -Trafficking of children -Sex trafficking -Forced marriage -Labour trafficking -Trafficking for organ trading

Parents may sell their children to traffickers due to extreme poverty. They could use the money received to pay off debts. Labour trafficking is the movement of persons for the purpose of forced labour and services. This can include industrial, agricultural, domestic work and so on. In the trafficking of organs, the victims are offered money for their organs to which they agree but they get paid lesser than what was promised to them earlier.

There are multiple reasons why human trafficking may not get noticed. The victims may not voice their opinions due to fear of shame and judgement. The traffickers may seclude the victims from the outside world. They can also threaten the victims to act happy and prompt them about what they need to say. In India, several NGOs are doing a tremendous job in the prevention, rescue and rehabilitation of the survivors of human trafficking.

One of them is the Society for Help Entire Lower & Rural People - HELP. HELP mainly focuses on the rescuing and the rehabilitation of human trafficking victims keeping its central focus on children. Similarly, we have the Rescue Foundation. Based in Mumbai, it operates with the assistance of the police to rescue sex trafficking victims in brothels. Victims of trafficking may suffer a life full of fear of independence.

Proper shelter and recovery must be provided to them. Safe accommodation and social support must be provided to the victims. This includes food, basic medical facilities, and access to psychological care. The return of these victims from shelters to an appropriate place of accommodation must also be looked after. The return of these victims must be done of their own free will and should not be forced upon them. Healthcare professionals must understand the circumstances of the victims and help them navigate through life.

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