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Akashik Intelligence: Explained

As you might know, there exist five elements in nature, i.e., Air, Water, Fire, Earth, & Sky(Akash); let us explore more about the "Akash" element here. This blog unfolds the mystic philosophy of Akashik Intelligence by Sadhguru, Isha Foundation.

Akash This means sky. Have you ever wondered why we look up to the sky when we want to thank the omnipresent? It simple. We believe that there is some power above that we experience through the sight of the sky. Akash means sky, and its powers are known and unknown to humankind to this date. Akash, the sky is huge and a lot beyond our eye view. Akashik Intelligence talks about tapping the abundant, mystical, magical and miraculous powers of Akash.

Akashic Intelligence The thought behind Akashik Intelligence says that what makes the lives of some people easy breezy while that of others are filled with pain, struggle and hurt is the practice or otherwise of gratitude towards Akashik Intelligence. The theory believes people should be grateful to the sky and the sun that holds this universe in place. Because the sky holds each of us in place, we can live, survive and exist. And not just human beings but all the parts and pieces of the universe are held by this power of Akashik Intelligence. So, having gratitude towards the Akash is at the core of Akashik Intelligence.

Sadhguru, Isha Foundation, says Modern science has started believing in the possibility of something called 'Akashik Intelligence'. The empty space or Akash that is around us has intelligence. Whether the Akashik Intelligence works for you or against you determines the quality of your life. Whether you are a blessed being or the one who will get knocked out for the rest of your life depends on your conscious, unconscious or subconscious ability to get the cooperation of this more enormous functional intelligence.

He adds that 'Akash' is the fundamental element. The other four entities, Earth, water, fire and air, play upon it. The Akash holds everything in place, including our earth, solar system, galaxy, and cosmos. You are sitting in our place because this 'Akash' holds us in place.

He further states that if you get the cooperation of the Akash, then yours will be a blessed life. To get this cooperation from Akash, there are some simple processes to do.

Firstly, after sunrise, before the sun crosses an angle of thirty degrees, look up at the sky once and bow down to Akash for holding you in place every day. Secondly, look up and bow down again when the sun crosses thirty degrees, sometimes during the day or anytime. After the sun sets, again look up and bow down, not to some god up there, but to the empty space holding you in place for today. By doing this, life will change dramatically. It is advised to do this three times a day to get the cooperation of Akash that will set your life into magical happenings, and intelligence that you may never have thought about can become yours.

Conclusion There can be mystical and powerful sources of positivity and energy beyond our human reach, and Akashik Intelligence is thought to be the one that can enhance our lives hence being grateful to Akashik Intelligence and showing gratitude throughout the day to the Akashik Intelligence may make us feel blessed and blissful. So, why not give this a try? Let us know about your thoughts and beliefs on this. We will highly appreciate your comments and feedback. For more informative reads from all perspectives, visit our app, Igniting Minds.

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Article by: Ashwini Sawant, & Image Source: Unsplash

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