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Hydroponics: Sustainable way of Agriculture

Traditionally plants, trees etc., are grown on soil. That is the conventional method we all knew for ages, but with emerging trends in technology and science, plants can now be grown in water. That is called Hydroponics. We all know about aquatic plants - the plants that grow on water. Hydroponics is one such concept developed such that plants can be produced using water-based mineral nutrient solutions in aqueous solvents.

Hydroponics is a type of horticulture and a subset of hydroculture which involves growing plants without soil but instead uses water-based mineral solutions. In 1627 book Sylva Sylvarum or ‘A Natural History’ by Francis Bacon was published on growing terrestrial plants without soil. Later with many experiments and results, the concept of hydroponics was developed, where the plant is grown in water that contains inorganic ions from soluble salts of essential elements required by the plant.

Advantages of Hydroponics -Grow anywhere: Since hydroponics does not require soil, the crop can be grown anywhere by providing all the essential nutrients for its growth in the aqueous solvent. Also, the temperatures can be manipulated through man-made technologies where hydroponics are done. -Larger yield: As the plants are grown in mineral-based nutrient solutions, the roots of the plants would not take long to grow deep in search of food and show faster growth, providing higher yields than the soil-grown plants. -Fewer water requirements: Yes, hydroponics is all about growing plants in water, but the water requirements in hydroponics are less than the soil-grown plants because the water used in a hydroponic system can be reused by filtering and adding nutrients again to it. -Sustainable: Hydroponics is a very sustainable method to opt for as it does not require acres of land and can be grown anywhere using limited amounts of water, which can be reused and provide a higher yield.

Takeaways -Consume hydroponic food products: while buying and consuming hydroponic food products, we are increasing the demand for hydroponics, thus promoting hydroponics. -Try at home: Hydroponics can be done outdoors and indoors, so you can set up a small hydroponic system on your balcony or terrace etc. and enjoy the taste of your hydroponic products grown at home. -Awareness: As an individual, we can continually create awareness by spreading the word among ourselves and promoting the good in it by a word. Hydroponics can save the earth as it is sustainable and help farmers earn more with less resource consumption and higher yields.

Conclusion Food is fundamental for every individual to survive; the rising population has always drawn our concerns towards increasing the production in the agricultural sector in a sustainable manner, and hydroponics has provided us with one of the solutions for it. Hydroponics can be done anywhere without soil and can provide us with less space and higher yields, the amount of water required is less, and the products contain all the nutrients as in the soil-grown plants. So, let's take the wise decision to resolve our planet's hunger and sustainability issues.

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Article by: N Thulasi & Image Source: Unsplash

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