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Clean Air Initiative - Don't let our future go up in smoke

We all are having a precious human life. One thing which we all do continuously day and night is "breathing". Pollution, especially air pollution, is degrading our health. Finding an answer to end air pollution is significant. So, here we will be learning the same.

Overview: It is crucial that we take action to unite people in order to reduce the likelihood of the total annihilation of our planet Earth due to the growing problems of global warming, climate change, ozone depletion, glacier melting, and other related crises. One such problem is air pollution which is getting polluted directly or indirectly by human activities. We'll be learning things here in this article, like clean and polluted air, the need for clean air, government steps towards it and much more.

Introduction The Clean Air Initiative urges national and local governments to commit to achieving safe air for citizens by 2030 and to harmonise their air pollution and climate change policies. Like people, plants require air to survive. At the same time, we should be able to breathe clean air because pollution can affect people and animals in several different ways. Life expectancy and quality can be dramatically diminished in areas with poor air quality. The American Lung Association strives to protect us from dangerous pollution and maintain clean air for us to breathe. Learn more about the health effects of filthy air and what can be done to make it so that everyone can breathe easier.

Understanding the clean air initiative On top of that, numerous air pollutants have a negative impact on the environment and human health. We support current clean air standards and strive to thwart policy loopholes that expose people to air pollution because they will save thousands of lives, especially in at-risk communities.

The Initiative aims to comprehensively address climate change mitigation, air pollution reduction, and health promotion. It is one of many initiatives that will be discussed at the UN Secretary-Climate General's Action Summit on September 23, 2019.

600,000 of the seven million premature fatalities caused by air pollution each year, according to WHO, are child deaths. The same variables are responsible for both air pollution and climate crises. Thus, they must be addressed together. In addition to addressing the climate issue, governments at all levels have a great chance to improve health and save the lives of millions of people worldwide while also achieving progress toward Sustainable Development Goals.

Benefits of clean air Most people know that cleaning the air in their homes using a residential air purifier can help prevent allergies and reduce exposure to dangerous substances that could cause or worsen upper respiratory illnesses. Daily maintenance of good general health depends significantly on clean air.

Here are some significant benefits which we must look out for: -Various problems related to the heart can be stopped -Various anti-ageing benefits we derive from clean air -It also lowers the risk of diabetes -Most importantly, we feel happy by breathing in clean air -Programmes under the clean air initiative -India has a big problem with air pollution, mostly caused by burning fuelwood and biomass, car emissions, etc. Some programmes under clean air initiatives are as follows: -Plan to Reduce Air Pollution at Traffic Junctions -Controlling Landfill Fires Using an Integrated Approach -Utilizing Filters Mounted on the Top of a Moving Car to Capture Particulate Matter in the Air

Important measures for controlling air pollution Taking safety measures which control pollution, whether it is of air, water or of anything, is very much important. Some steps which any individual can look at his/her level for the betterment include: -Use of public transports -Recycling and reusing the items -Reduction in the forest fires -Less use of Air Conditioner -Use of filters for chimneys used at our homes -Avoid using crackers at festivals and marriages -Afforestation

Conclusion Numerous co-benefits are anticipated to result from the Initiative. For instance, enhancing e-mobility will reduce healthcare expenditures while minimising environmental harm and easing health problems brought on by high noise levels from conventional transportation. Governments can simultaneously promote the SDGs, climate change mitigation targets, and health goals.

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