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One District One Product : An opportunity for Small business

The One District-One Product Program of the UP Government aims to promote such locally unique and specialized goods and crafts in UP that are not found anywhere else, such as the traditional and healthy "Kala Namak" rice, the uncommon and fascinating wheat-stalk craft, the famous zari-zardozi and chikankari clothing embroidery, and the intricate and beautiful horn-bone work that uses the bones of dead animals rather than live ones as an eco-friendly substitute for ivory.

Introduction: The government of Uttar Pradesh launched the "One District, One Product" initiative with the goal of promoting and reviving indigenous artists' and craftspeople's work. The program will assist Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) in creating and marketing products that are exclusive to Uttar Pradesh. With a budget of Rs. 25,000 crores, the One District One Product (ODOP) scheme was launched in 2018 by the government of Uttar Pradesh to support the local art form financially and strategically. To restore the lost manufacturing and creative processes and to support the art producers, ODOP has expanded the industrial world. The ODOP offers four programs to give customers access to fair pricing, financial assistance from reputable banks, and technological skill-upgrading training so they can compete with international marketers.

Every district in Uttar Pradesh is a target for ODOP, which wants to concentrate on local manufacturing of distinctive or traditional crafts. Targeting distinctive or traditional crafts would help the government boost the local economy, bring back the production of traditional goods, and improve the standard of living for artists.

The state of Uttar Pradesh has allocated Rs. 250 crores from the 2018–19 budget to carry out the plan.

The goal of One District One Product Scheme: Through financial, productivity, and marketing support, this program seeks to establish a stable market environment for artisans in Uttar Pradesh. The skill of making arts and crafts was passed down to the following generation, and the artisans earned money to support a fruitful way of life. Following the globalization phenomenon, artisans found it challenging to compete with big manufacturers in terms of product production, marketing, distribution, and modernization. The artisans' livelihoods became extremely unstable as a result, and they were compelled to change to other jobs or move their businesses to other regions of the nation.

The objective of the Scheme: -Addressing and resolving the community of art producers' economic and geographic imbalance. -To maintain the creativity and traditional production methods used in producing arts and crafts. -For the purpose of boosting regional art production, add more MSME sectors throughout the entire state of Uttar Pradesh. -By utilizing manufacturing sectors, raising the calibre and volume of locally produced crafts. -Establish a reliable marketing platform to boost earnings, local employment, skills, and standard of living. -Create a shared marketing platform for the tourism industry and ODOP to host live demonstrations and market ODOP products as presents and mementoes. -Establish a brand, design packaging, and create a marketing platform to promote your business to boost sales and revenue.

Insights Of One District One Product: The plan calls for existing small-scale food processors, women entrepreneurs, and businesspeople in aspirational districts to have greater access to credit. improved insertion into organized markets. improved accessibility to standard services like grading, processing, packaging, storage, etc.

Conclusion: If given a chance for systemic growth and recognition, Indian crafts, agriculture, and food products have the potential to rule the international market. By offering the appropriate assistance and working environment, the ODOP hopes to achieve this. We hope you loved this blog; if the answer is yes, then show your love by sharing this valuable content with your friends and loved ones. Until then, ensure you behave responsibly towards the environment and plant a sapling whenever possible. Best Regards :)

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