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Teachings of ‘Guru Nanak Dev Ji' on preserving Nature & Environment

This blog is about the vision and teachings of 'Guru Nanak Dev Ji' to protect and care for nature and the environment. We all know about Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He is the founder and one of the most outstanding teachers of Sikhism. He was born in 1469 in Pakistan. His teachings have influenced human life not just in India or Asia but worldwide. Guru Nanak Dev Ji has given abundant practical lessons to humanity, and he also spread the message of being close to nature, loving the creations of the earth and keeping the environment safe.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji, an environmental visionary: We can say that Guru Nanak Dev Ji was a visionary. Today when we see environmental deterioration, we insist on keeping our surroundings clean, reducing the use of plastic, controlling pollution, and planting more trees. But Guru Nanak Dev Ji, way back then, propagated the preventive and precious message of loving nature, taking care of it and preserving nature.

Interpretation of his teaching on the environment: If Guru Nanak Dev Ji's words are to be translated and interpreted in English, then it can be said that 'Air is our Guru (Teacher), water is our father, and the earth is our mother. They give us life; we sleep in their laps night and day, so we should not spoil them."

Worldwide Followers of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Such and more are the sayings of the renowned Guru Nanak Dev Ji, and we should all try to follow his practical and beneficial teachings. People all over the world today follow Guru Nanak Dev Ji's teachings. The Ecosikh set one good example, an American environmental organisation based in Washington, which planted a forest of 800 saplings in the village named Sahlon, SBS Nagar. And that’s not all. They also planted 10 thousand trees on a one-acre land at the Science College, Jagraon, Punjab. Dr Rajwant Singh and the Alumni of the Science College planted the forest. In 2019, under the guidance of Dr Rajwant Singh, the President of EcoSikh, the message to plant trees was initiated, and in these years, we can seen the results.

Bawa Singh Jagdev OAM, The National Sikh Council of Australia Secretary, told SBS Hindi, "If you go by the sayings of Guru Nanak Dev ji, he has stressed a lot about keeping the environment safe”. Bawa Singh Jagdev, OAM, talks about avoiding the cutting down of trees, not spreading garbage or throwing rubbish on the road and stopping throwing plastic bottles at the beach.

We should also contribute to the environment. Now, what are we waiting for? We all should also involve ourselves in loving nature, keeping our environment healthy for many more generations to come. And there are some simple and easy ways to achieve this. Planting trees, one of the mottos of Igniting Minds, can play a vital role. Also, by keeping the waters, land and air clean. Practice all the good habits we have learnt from our teachers and the renowned Guru Nanak Dev Ji. On his 553rd birth anniversary, we wish for Guru Nanak Dev Ji peace and love and seek his blessings for all.

Thank you for reading this one. I hope we all contribute immensely to keeping our mother earth happy, nature smiling and the environment safe. For more informative reads that will take only 4 minutes of your time but gives you takeaways for a lifetime, visit our blogs at Igniting Minds!

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