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The Incredible Story of a Wise Man

The wise man story overview tells us the conveying structure of this story that this tale isn’t a story with many plots and turns. Instead, it’s entirely about a wise man giving some advice to men. The story can be recited for motivational purposes and also for a lesson.

 Worry is not the solution to any problem.  Being optimistic plays an essential role in our decisions.

Introduction This wise man story introduction will give you a clear idea of what this story actually contains. So, in this story, you’ll find out that we have various problems related to our day-to-day activities in human life. But the solution to any problem is not to think repeatedly. But instead of that, we should try to think of that problem’s solution, and by that, only we can conquer that.

Story: On the mountains once upon a time, there lived a wise man. He had been residing there for years and spent hours each day praying. He wasn’t the type of person who was motivated by wealth, celebrity, or luxury. He held spirituality and eternal bliss in high regard.

The wise man was proceeding successfully. He would always be content and at ease. People in his immediate vicinity frequently questioned how he could always be so at ease. People always call him a wise man. He would also assist others in solving their concerns. People began turning to him over time to address their difficulties. The wise man, though, would also want to help them. Everyone who hears his excellence gains a fresh perspective on approaching their challenges.

People in the locality of the wise man were worried about their day-to-day life problems. The wise man has received repeated complaints from some men about the same issue. He then decided to impart problem-solving skills to them. All the people also agreed that they would meet the wise man in the hope that he would bring some good changes to their problems.

One by one, people started complaining about their problems. The knowledgeable man gave them appropriate guidance. But those men didn’t understand that correctly, so they kept returning and asking the same question. The people came every day and kept asking about the same problem.

The wise man became upset but did nothing. He chooses to approach it coolly. He then tells them a joke, which causes everyone to start laughing emotionally. Only a handful of them smiled this time when the wise man repeated it.

No one even smiles when the wise guy repeats the joke. On the other hand, they kept glaring at him and asking what it was. The wise man finally responds, “You can’t laugh at a joke more than what makes you cry at a problem over and over again."

Finally, those in his immediate vicinity understand the intelligent man. They decide to correct their errors after realising them. “Worrying more won’t bring you any solution but will simply waste your time and energy,” the wise man explains to them. All people enthusiastically nodded in agreement with the wise man and dispersed.

Moral: The wise man’s story moral is that you should not worry about your problems because by worrying, you will not be able to solve them; instead, you will waste your time and energy.

Conclusion: The wise man's conclusion says that this story played a very significant role in teaching all the people that worrying is not the solution to any problem. However, instead of that, we should try to find the answer to any situation as it will make us feel good, and also we will save our energy by not wasting it on worries.

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