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The Emerging Challenge against Groundwater Pollution

Groundwater pollution started polluting the bodies of people for ages. According to a central groundwater board, India's level of polluting groundwater is very high and is increasing daily. Groundwater pollution can be defined as the waste pollutants like chemicals, bacteria, and garbages which are released by large industries into the ground, and later the pollutants end up mixing in the water.

Significant causes of groundwater pollution are unwanted parasites from industries, using fertilizers/pesticides in agriculture, and urban activities. Groundwater pollution focuses on different soil characteristics and the nature of the contaminants. The groundwater causes trouble to public health through different spread of diseases through the water it may be Cholera, diarrhoea or dysentery. A significant impact on human health and the environment results from a lack of awareness in society. People cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by destroying it today.

The industries' waste was disposed of to the environment without proper management of a public nuisance. The waste was disposed into the water without any protective measures, which will automatically impact human life. Many districts have more than one or two toxic elements in their present groundwater. Some parts of India are contaminated with nitrate and heavy metals beyond the limits. Most of the reported different types of elements, including heavy metals waste products, are being found in states like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab etc.

Groundwater development also affects the country's economic growth; by destroying the groundwater sources, people become incapable of sustaining their own life, animals' life, and agricultural development. A downfall in the population reduces the land value, and due to the situation, the industries may contain water from another region which directly turns out to be more expensive, and it may cause the downfall of the region and its industrial land.

Some of the essential measures to control the groundwater pollution -Minimizing the use of toxic precarious raw in the industries. -Spreading awareness among the people and educating them. -By testing the underground fuel tanks, if there is a problem, then replace them as soon as possible. -By containing more organic foods rather than inorganic ones.

Conclusion Pollutant water is causing most of the death of young/old lives, freshwaters are limited to some extent in the country, and increasingly, most of it is already polluted. Human demands water to grow and survive. It's high time to work on the problem to save the world from dying and suffering and to give new life to the environment, humans and animals. Clean the water today and sustain a better life tomorrow.

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