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Meet India's Own Satellite Navigation System 💫

It is a proud moment for our country to establish the indigenous Satellite Navigation System, called "NavIC". Yet many of us barely know about this, and that is why I would like to share some information about NavIC through this blog. Check it out :) Have you ever wondered how Google/Apple Maps helps you to track a specific location on the map and navigate to the destination (with real-time traffic) along with the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)? Well, you need to thank the GPS for that. Moreover, it also displays nearby fuel stations, restaurants, etc., which is very useful to those in need. Let's explore the world of GPS :)

What is GPS? The Global Positioning System is basically a Satellite-based Radio Navigation System developed by the United States. This system consists of three segments: the space, control, and user. To keep things simple, it helps to determine the location anywhere (mostly) on the planet. Currently, the US renders this service to many countries across Earth, and India is one of its customers.

What is NavIC? NavIC stands for "Navigation with India Constellation." It was developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). It is also known as the "Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System." It is an autonomous regional navigational satellite system that provides real-time positioning and timing services. The best part about NavIC is that it is considered to be way more accurate when compared to GPS. It is known that the NavIC cover around 1500 square km around India and neighbouring regions and is planning to extend further soon.

Why was NavIC established? Back then, India did not have a navigation system during the Kargil war (1999). Due to this reason, India asked the US to provide satellite images of the terrain for a better understanding of what it looks like from the top so that they could attack the enemy very quickly. But the US came with a flabbergasting reply by saying "No". Then India decided not to rely on someone and laid the foundation of NavIC, India's very own Satellite-based Navigation System.

Does my mobile support NavIC? "NavIC support in upcoming Mobile, Automotive and IoT platforms is poised to deliver superior Location-based services to India's Industries and Technology Ecosystem through Qualcomm", went a newspaper headline. The upcoming smartphones will be compatible with NavIC. And no, it is not possible for your existing device as it is a matter of hardware integration.

Why is it important? As India has already learnt its lesson from the Kargil War, it does not want to remain in that vulnerable situation. Now, we need not rely on any other country's Satellite Navigation System as we got one, which means that sensitive information will remain within the country (It is a matter of National Security).

Can NavIC compete with GPS? The officials have stated that NavIC is considered superior, accurate, and faster than GPS and other systems. The reason for stating this is because it works on a dual-band (Signals: SPS-L5 and SPS-S) rather than a single band seen in GPS. The best part about NavIC is that it can show real-time satellite images up to 10 meters against land and 20 meters in the case of oceans.

Why is it a proud moment? As of now, there are only a handful of countries that have successfully developed Satellite-based Radio Navigation Systems, and India has finally joined the club. The Club members include China, Russia, and the mighty USA.

Conclusion It is good to see that our country is finally on its way to becoming independent concerning technology, and NavIC is just the beginning. See, our country has abundant talent, but proper utilisation will take us beyond human imagination. "Atmanirbhar Bharat" is the only essential tool to make India the next superpower.

Article by Krishna Teja Reddy

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