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Let's go Swadeshi ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

Well, as most of us Indians are pretty excited about the recent news of India becoming the 5th largest economy by overtaking the UK. But the reality is there is something else you need to focus on: the per capita income. The UK (49,000 USD) is far ahead of India (1900 USD) with regard to per capita. So, let me explain the concept of Swadeshi to make India a future superpower :)

Introduction While I was trying to cover this story, it reminded me of the "Swadeshi Movement" by Mahatma Gandhi, who is considered the father of the nation. And I wonder why we could not keep up with the movement, undoubtedly due to globalisation and liberalisation.

First of all, I would like to appreciate the current government for focusing on the idea of "Make in India". "Make in India" is an initiative meant to make and encourage the industries to develop, assemble and manufacture products in India with an incentive attached to it.

If you recollect the PM's speech on Independence Day, he was stressing about "Amrit Kaal", which means the period of 2022-2047. The objective of "Amrit Kaal" is to make India a developed nation by 2047, and the youth must play a crucial role in achieving it as they are the future of the country.

Seriously, a country with the highest youth population can do more than wonders, to be honest. And yes, our youth is brilliant, but could not be utilised appropriately due to which a lot of youth are moving abroad for better opportunities. Check out our "Brain Drain" blog to learn more.

What does "Developed Country" mean? In simple terms, a developed country is a country performing well in indicators such as GDP, Literacy and Life Expectancy. A country can only be considered a developed country if it performs well in all the indicators leaving none behind.

Now you know where India is lagging behind. Our education sector has become more of a business rather than a service; forget about government schools. Life expectancy has improved to 70 years from 34 years during the independence, but it still has to improve. And yeah, we are performing well with the GDP. But one indicator isn't sufficient, as mentioned earlier.

The "Swadeshi" concept If you ask me what we can do, we can simply start making changes in our lifestyle. Needless to say, we are pretty obsessed with the cars made in Germany and Japan and the phones assembled in China. This denotes that the profits are flying to other countries, thereby improving their export value.

But my intent is not to make you feel inadequate about your choices or preferences, as there are no better alternatives for now. But, I wanted you to make small changes in the products (especially FMCG) we use daily by switching to local brands instead of foreign brands.

Just to make you understand, I switched to Mysore Sandal Soap instead of Dettol (UK), Dabur Red toothpaste instead of Colgate, Frooti instead of Maaza (Coca-Cola), and so on.

Remember, the Non-Indian FMCG companies brilliantly use "India" in their names, so don't get fooled by them. Examples - Hindustan Unilever Limited (which is a subsidiary of Unilever - UK), Nestle India (Swiss), and Colgate Palmolive India (USA).

What I am trying to say here is that small changes do make a difference. The "Compounding Effect" changes the entire game, and we can notice a significant increase in the country's per capita and overall GDP.

Conclusion If you want to live in a developed nation, you can do two things. Either fly to a developed nation and work there or strive hard to develop and contribute to a developing nation (like India) to make it a developed nation and live here. Being a developed nation is very much necessary, which is clearly explained in the blog. Improvement in the per capita income is what we wanted at the end of the day.

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