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Ayahuasca: The Healing Potion

Lately, I’ve realised that I have become addicted to YouTube. And the best part is that I am getting to learn something new each and every day. Damn! Elon Musk was right when he said that YouTube is the best source for “free education” as Universities are meant for recreation and exploration.

One fine day, I came across something I had never really heard of; I found a video about Ayahuasca (pronounced as ‘eye-ah-WAH-ska’). Wait, what!? Let’s get right into it :)

Introduction Ayahuasca is basically a sticky, pungent liquid in nature, brown in colour and bitter in taste. This decoction can only be made by combining and brewing the stem and leaves of two different plant species native to the Amazonian Rainforest.

It is a plant-based psychedelic. Psychedelics affect your senses, altering the brain’s neural patterns, changing your thinking and dealing with time and emotions. Don’t fret; it is nowhere related to conventional drugs.

The Amazon in South America is rich in flora with some magic within it. The drink is made by brewing the stem of one plant and the leaves of another, which activates the magic. This drink has been practised for ages and is considered the “Natural Healer.” You may ask, how does this happen for real, right? Simple, it is because of the DMT present in it. DMT stands for N-Dimethyltryptamine, which does the magic. The best part is our body can produce the DMT in the pineal gland present in the brain, but sadly it is not enough.

The people who practice this medication are called “Shamans”, and the way of life is called “Shamanic Culture”. The drink must only be consumed under the guidance and supervision of the shamans.

The Ceremony The healing procedure is carried out only during the night with the help of a healer or simply referred to as the “Shaman”. The shaman chants some religious mantras while you consume the drink. The shaman is going to be with you throughout the journey. Sometimes, the shamans might be seen consuming some amount of the same liquid that was offered to you earlier. Though I had never experienced Ayahuasca, I can never explain the feeling. But, as per the people who drank it, felt very good after the medication.

Is it necessary? It is said that altering the neural patterns can make a person do something that he/she never wanted to do due to fear, anxiety etc. It helps you in exploring your horizons and discovers the real you, which ultimately makes you a happier person in and out. It helps you in bringing out the best version of yourself.

I presume I sound like I’m talking about drugs, right? But this drink doesn’t make you lose your senses; you can still be aware of what is happening to you and around you even after consuming the drink.

Talking about the question, yes, it is necessary to discover the real you. But I won’t say, Ayahuasca can be the only way. The drink instantly gives you a change in the neural patterns in your mind. There are other ways too.

Planning to go to South America? If you have made it this far, I guess you are planning a trip to South America just to grab a drink, right? Beware, as there are a lot of fake shamans who just milk some money out of you by selling counterfeit drinks. To be honest with you, it happens if it is intended to happen.

Any Alternative you could provide? Coming to the alternatives, I had already mentioned earlier that the human body could produce DMT. You can activate the DMT through regular meditation, increasing the pineal gland’s DMT content. But the significant difference between the drink and us is that the drink provides the result instantaneously or sometimes over a short period of time. In contrast, meditation takes a reasonable amount of time to reach that place.

Conclusion I have never ever imagined that potions existed in real life. Ayahuasca is something that I wanted to try the moment I heard about it. But later, I realised that regular meditation would give me the same sense of satisfaction I would receive from the drink. Needless to say, I feel good to learn something new and share it with you people.

Disclaimer: The Author has never tried Ayahuasca or is promoting consuming the drink. It is just published for informational purposes only.

Article by Krishna Teja Reddy and Photo Sourced from Unsplash

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