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Why is the world chasing after desire?

We often get attached to the material stuff on this planet and create a loop within the mind that leads us to chase after desire. Due to this, we often face a lot of negative consequences in life. Check out this blog to learn how to break the chain and lead a blissful life.

On a Sunday morning, I happened to watch a YouTube video that was based on "The Psychology behind expensive smartphones", and I realised how we were tricked into buying expensive smartphones even though we don't really require mind-blowing specifications.

As far as I understand, we often end up desiring material stuff around us in our entire lifetime. The iPhone 14 Pro was launched recently, and I have already started craving it. The sad part is I would long for the next iPhone, too, after it eventually launches the following September. This continues forever, to be honest with you.

As someone rightly stated, "You can't make people buy something they don't want; you can make people buy something they don't need."Due to this loophole within us, smartphone companies have got all the power to milk money out of us.


Just like a doctor who diagnoses us to trace the root cause of the disease before performing surgery, likewise let us understand the concept of the root issue, which is simply karma.

The Bhagawad Gita has given a lot of importance to "Karma", which means Action. The Gita states that we cannot remain inactive even for a few seconds, and everyone is helplessly driven to action. There are 3 types of Karma, namely, Niyatam Karma which means obligatory duties (such as family, society, etc.) This is considered the best quality of action.

We know what we are supposed to do, but desire is something which often tends to take us away from our duties and responsibilities, known as Kamya Karma. And the third one is unethical, which is called the Nisshidha Karma, which occurs to someone when the desire reaches beyond an extent and legal and ethical methods can no longer fulfil them.


Remember that Action is fuelled by desire. We have to admit that almost everyone can't live without desire. In fact, desire is something that keeps you alive, right? Well, not really, because desire-driven actions agitates the mind. Let us decipher why we desire it in the first place.

Desire springs from thought, and thought from Vasana. Vasana is a deep-rooted interest and a desperate passion for a thing. When you act only because you desire it, you create more such desires within the framework of your mind. It means that desire completely changes our neural framework in mind, and getting out of it is extremely difficult.


In order to break ourselves free from the loop of desire, we have to look up to something called "Kartavya". Kartavya is a Sanskrit word which is translated as "Obligatory Duty". Obligatory duty is the ability to do a thing because you ought to, whether you like or dislike it. It can purify you from your existing desires without adding more new desires to your personality.

Why is it necessary?

Remember, the present is only under your control, not your past and future. But we often tend to feel sad and happy about the history and future experiences. To be successful, focus on the present, and be satisfied with your privileges. If something happens to you, believe that it is meant to happen. So drop the fixation on desire and focus on wholeheartedly fulfilling your Kartavya to the best of your abilities. The result can be beyond your imagination too.

As your mind's desires reduce over time, you become an entirely different person as you no longer feel like craving for petty and unnecessary material stuff. Practice Meditation, Thank you for your life, and be kind to others; you will eventually lead to a better you.


Through this article, I hope you got to learn something about the flaws in ourselves. Desire is the greatest obstacle between you and the object you desire. Focus on your thing, and eventually, the future is definitely going to reward you. Take a chill pill, and be happy with what you have.

Article by Krishna Teja Reddy and Picture Sourced from Unsplash

PS - Special credits to TOI for being the main source to rely upon :)

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